Projects funded from the state budget or special purpose funds

Ministry for Science and Education

Warsaw Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging
Project name: Excellence Science – support for science conferences (co-funded from state budget) 

Time:: 15th November 2022 – 14th November 2024

Subsidy: 245 000 PLN

Total cost of the project: 287 000 PLN
Project website:

Project description:

The main objective of the proposed Project is to organise an international and interdisciplinary scientific conference called “Warsaw Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging”, concerning broadly understood optical imaging techniques, i.e. techniques enabling the creation of images of investigated objects using light and its unique physical properties. These techniques currently form the basis of, among other things, modern medical diagnostic systems, machine learning and experimental biology. Modern implementations of microscopic imaging techniques are examples of interdisciplinary research, and their implementation requires a combination of the latest advances in physics, statistics, biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering as well as software engineering. Understanding the fundamental and technical limitations of advanced imaging techniques is essential to ensure their further development, to conduct applied as well as basic research and to commercialise the results obtained. The Warsaw Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging will include lectures by leading experts in the field of optical imaging, poster sessions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge, short presentations selected by the scientific committee from the submissions, networking meetings and visits to local laboratories.

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