Candela Foundation

About the Council

The Candela Foundation Council is a supervisory body of the Foundation and controls the activities of the Foundation Board and assists it in making strategic decisions concerning the Foundation’s activities. The scope of powers and duties of the Foundation Council is defined by the Candela Foundation Statute. Meetings of the Foundation’s Council are held at least once a calendar year, whereas the meeting at which the financial statements of the Foundation are considered takes place by May 15.

Members of the Council

Powers and responsibilities of the Candela Foundation Council

Appointment and dismissal of the Board

The Foundation Council is responsible for dismissing members of the Foundation Board and appointing new ones, while ensuring the efficient functioning of the Foundation.

Acceptance of reports of the Board

Every year the Foundation Council is obliged to accept or reject reports on the Foundation's activities presented by the Board.

Giving its opinion on the Foundation's plans

Foundation's Board prepares and presents to the Foundation's Council the plan of activities for the next 12 months. During the meeting there is also a discussion that allows you to improve the plan and adapt it to the reported needs

Giving opinions

The Foundation Council performs an advisory function, supporting the Foundation Board with its knowledge and experience. The Foundation's Statute provides for the Foundation's Council to express its opinion on all matters relating to the Foundation.

Foundation's financial control

The Foundation Council shall have the right to require the Foundation Board to produce any documents relating to the activities of the Candela Foundation

Amending the Statute

The competence of the Foundation Council also includes the preparation of draft amendments and approval of the draft amendments presented by the Foundation Board

Documents of the Council

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