Foundation Board

About the Foundation Board

The Candela Foundation Board manages its day-to-day operations and prepares and implements strategies for the development of the Foundation. The activities of the Board are supervised by the Foundation’s Council. The Foundation Board consists of the President of the Board and two or three Vicepresidents of the Board.

Members of the Foundation Board

Powers and responsibilities of the Candela Foundation Board

Day-to-day operation

The Foundation Board is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, contacting partners and raising funds for the Foundation's statutory activities

Representing the foundation

The Foundation Board is the representative body of the Foundation and represents it in its day-to-day operations.

Management of the Foundation's assets

The responsibility of the Foundation Board is to manage and dispose of the assets of the Foundation.

Implementing statutory objectives and resolutions of the Foundation's bodies

The main duty of the Board is to fulfil the statutory objectives of the Foundation as described in the Candela Foundation Statutes.

Development of the Foundation's activity programmes

The Foundation Board is responsible for the development of comprehensive programmes of Foundation activities, preparation of regulations and documents related to their implementation

Adoption of the content of the Foundation's regulations and internal acts

The Board of Directors shall adopt and prepare by-laws and other internal acts governing the internal activities of the Foundation, ensuring that they are consistent with external regulations and standards.

Employment of staff

The Foundation Board represents the Foundation when hiring staff.

Proposing and adopting amendments to the Statutes

The powers of the Board include proposing amendments to the Foundation's Statutes and adopting those proposed by the Foundation's Council.

Preparation of annual reports

The Foundation Board is responsible for preparing and submitting to the Council of the Foundation a financial and operational report on the activities of the Foundation.

Documents of the Foundation Board

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